The plant is divided into two departments: one produces special board for spiral wound, medium and high resistance tubes and the other one produces boardcores.

   The board department has a continuous paper machine for the production of single casting board with secondary fibres, that is to say fibres obtained through the kneading of wastepaper. In this way the papermill also plays an important ecological role in the recycling field, which has led to the company undergoing the required adjustment for the environmental certification ISO 14001.

   The board produced by Cartiera di Ferrara meets the most stringent requirements of tube producers; in fact it can reach the highest delamination value requested by the market.

   In 2002, has been done investments that increased the pruduction capacity up to 75,000 ton/year.


   The second department has modern equipment for tube production. Here the paper mill produces high resistance cores for papermills and tubes for the plastics, manufacturing and building industries. Thanks to an extremely modern system for cutting and for diameter control, all customer requirements are met with precision. Tubes produced by Cartiera di Ferrara cover a large range of sizes (even over 10 meters long), and satisfy the increasing demand for mechanical and dynamic resistance.

   The correct humidity level, straightness and packaging that complies with European standards complete the quality of Cartiera di Ferrara tubes.

   The capacity of this department is over 25,000 T/year.

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