The Cartiera di Ferrara plant is located in the northern industrial district of the town of Ferrara. It is close to the Ferrara Nord exit on the A13 Padova-Bologna motorway and therefore it is very easy to reach.

   Cartiera di Ferrara was founded in 1985 thanks to expert modernisation of the former Burgo plant. The factory has taken over the main industrial production and renewed the plants to qualify the production of coreboard and cores.

   Through a policy of constant improvement in recent years, the company has obtained ISO 9002 certification for both board and tubes. In this way it guarantees constant high quality standards for its products.

   Moreover, Cartiera di Ferrara is a flexible, dynamic and customer oriented company, these distinctive features make some adaptability in the supply possible in order to satisfy special needs too. All this has been possible thanks to close collaboration with its customers.

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